How To Get An Organic Fan Following On Instagram?

Getting organic followers on Instagram is not very simple. Many people want to reach followers quickly and try to sell their services and products, but nowadays with the amount of automation software aimed at Instagram, it becomes easy to get new followers and see the network grow monthly. Know that it is not enough just to have a huge list of followers and not produce content and talk about their expertise. To become an authority in the market and influence people, it is necessary to work content marketing with discipline, establish a routine and start producing videos, posts, articles, podcasts, and any other content format that can reach your target audience.

1st Focus!  Know very well who the personas you want to reach in your account. The study of the persona is valid for all social networks because identifying what people are looking for, what is geolocation, age, social class, and other information is extremely important to produce relevant content and engage more and more with the target audience.

2nd Put a strategic name in the title of your Instagram account. The title plays a key role in Instagram search. Put your area of ​​expertise or something that refers to what you do. For example, if You attend International Law, so put Lawyer (a) International Law or just International Law in the title, because when someone searches for International Law it will be easier to be found. This strategy helps a lot in building the audience.

3rd Write down all hashtags related to your business.  Search Instagram for relevant hashtags and separate them into groups. When the hashtag has many publications, it is more difficult for your post to appear in Instagram highlights (images that appear highlighted when you click on the magnifying glass to search on Instagram), so it will be important to separate it by groups (relevant, very relevant and average hashtags ). Always try to use them, as your profile may appear as a suggestion in other people’s feeds. Instagram also allows you to follow hashtags, so it increases the chances that your post will appear to an audience that is not already following your profile.

4th Share your Instagram profile.  Put the icon in your office’s institutional materials, share it on other social networks, share it in articles, videos, and wherever else possible. Don’t forget to put your profile (id) address. Example: @maiara.trombini.

5th Use the guest post technique –  produce content in partnership with other professionals, regardless of the format  (text, video, or audio). Generating duplicity of disclosure together with a strategic partner helps to bring new followers to both networks, as both professionals will disclose on their Instagram profiles.