How To Make Use Of The Carousel On Instagram?

Have you heard about the publishing carousel model? If you don’t know yet, know that this is a great option to gain more followers organically on Instagram.

Even if you’re not familiar with this model, believe me: you’ve certainly seen posts of this type on Insta at some point, as they are increasingly common.

The carousel model is about publishing different photos in just one publication, something that people, in their personal accounts, use a lot to show photos of an event or a trip they took.

The point is that this way of publishing is excellent for providing your follower with much more complete content and, in addition, that tells a story, that is, that has a “ storytelling ”.

In general, users tend to view all the images that are part of this publication, so that they can follow everything that is being “told” there through the photos.

The big thing is that this needs to be something interesting so that people stay focused on seeing the carousel post until the end.

It is the case that you create a post with several images talking about a specific subject, explaining it to each image that your follower goes through.

The carousel-type post generates an increase in the engagement time of Instagram users with your post because it takes a longer period for them to see everything that is being shown in the content.

For Instagram, this is seen as an extremely positive thing, understanding that people spend more time on their posts because they like them.

Soon, through its algorithms, the platform will direct your post to a greater number of people, which will increase the chances that it will be viewed more and that you will gain more followers organically.

A sure tip that can make all the difference so you can get more followers organically on Instagram is to use CTAs in your posts the right way.

But what exactly are CTAs?

Calls to actions, or calls to action, in Portuguese, are short calls that are always used at the end of a given content, in order to encourage the user to perform the desired action.

This type of action is well known in blog articles, in order to make the reader sign up for a newsletter, download content that helps to delve deeper into a particular subject, or make a purchase.

However, the CTA can also be used in the publications you make on Instagram, in order to take advantage of it to direct that follower or user to take any action that is beneficial to your business.

It is the case of using a CTA that directs that person who is reading or watching your content to click on a link, go to another social network that you have, or interact with your publication.

Through this CTA, you can get more people to like, comment, or even share your content on Instagram, which is great for generating greater reach and more engagement.

You can be sure that this tip on how to gain followers on Instagram will make a huge difference so that your account can grow organically, getting more and more people interested in what you have to offer.

It is important to emphasize, however, that the CTA must always adapt to the language of its audience and the tone of each publication.