How To Produce Varied Content Like Reels?

Applying the right strategy, you can attract hundreds of highly qualified followers a day with Reels.

This growth method on Insta is possible as many people still only focus on a single type of content, usually images, within Instagram.

Therefore, when you vary the content formats of publications, the chances of attracting targeted people to your profile become much greater.

Producing videos on Reels is an increasingly popular content option, and in order to make the most of this wave of content, you need to better understand its advantages.

There are many, but only the main ones will be mentioned here so that you can see how essential this option is for your account:

There is no need for a structure like with stories

It’s a much more informal content option, unlike IGTV, which helps you communicate with your followers, generating  more engagement

Promotes an increase in the number of followers of your account, in a completely organic way

Expands the reach of your account within Instagram, allowing your brand to be better known

But betting on video content for Reels without knowing the right way to do it can be a fatal mistake.

Therefore, it is best to learn from those who have experience.

And, one of the best-rated courses in this regard is Uncomplicating Reels, which teaches you how to gain +100 followers/day with Reels.

In addition, this course teaches you how to plan videos strategically with the objective of increasing the rate of engagement and interactions by up to 3x.

Most people who use Instagram do not make use of the metrics and daily reports that this social network provides users, which is a huge mistake.

Instagram reports are information that the social network makes available to those users who have a business account.

From this information, you can get a general idea of ​​how your account is doing on Instagram, so you can know if the desired results are being achieved.

You can see, through these reports, various information related to the content, audience, and activity within your account.

First, in order to make a correct assessment of the reports, it is necessary to know what your goals are within Instagram.

It is possible to generate more traffic to your business website or blog, generate more sales on Instagram, increase awareness about your brand or even increase your authority within the market in which you operate.

These are just a few tips for goals that you can set and achieve through your profile, so knowing yours is essential so that the focus is on the right report information.

Some metrics that can be observed within the reports made available by this social network for business accounts are:

Increase in the number of followers

Increase in the number of mentions to your profile

Increase in the number of interactions made to your account (i.e. increase in engagement rate)

Increase in clicks from hashtags used in Instagram Shopping

Increase in Stories responses

Among other more…

Undoubtedly, the most important metrics are, of course, the increase in followers, since your objective is to optimize the number of organic followers of your account, but not only that.

The number of interactions performed on your profile, the number of visits you received, the clicks made on the website, that is, on the link in your bio, the reach of your publications, and impressions are other essential metrics.

If you have very little knowledge about Instagram and the metrics that will help you understand how your profile is growing, there are courses that can help you better understand the subject.