Why Posting Regularly Is The Key To Having An Organic Following?

Your Instagram followers demand permanence.

If you post for one day and then don’t post for a month, then you will lose the followers you already have. For this reason, if you want to come to a good place on Instagram then you have to post regularly.

If you’re going to post multiple times on the same day, don’t post one after another immediately. The posts that are made with some time between them are more assertive. You don’t want it to seem like you’re begging for likes or shares. It is also important that the posts have the same hours every day.

If you’ve built a good following on your own, your followers will know when you’re going to post and will visit your page at that time. This helps your followers trust you.

We are creatures of habit, predictability gives us a sense of control. If you do this, you will be making a good impression on your new followers, while retaining your old ones.

In this way, you can slowly buy Instagram followers.

In the past, you could add endless amounts of hashtags to your posts and you’d be fine. Nowadays, if you use too many hashtags, your account is temporarily closed. This is why you shouldn’t have more than five hashtags in a post.

When you add hashtags to your posts, your post will be seen when someone searches for that hashtag. There are some points where you have to be careful when using hashtags.

  • Before pulling out a certain hashtag under your post, search for that hashtag first.
  • When performing a search, you will see how many results appear.
  • Choose the most popular hashtags, as long as they are related to your field of interest, of course.
  • Choose five hashtags and use them.
  • In this way, your messages will attract attention with the help of hashtags. And this increased attention will come back to you as organic followers.

Posting your posts at the right time means extra likes and recognition. This part takes some time. Let’s say you posted in the morning, and your post didn’t get much engagement.

Try it in the afternoon, if not, try it at night. This is a bug-testing way to find the best time for your messages. After you’ve figured out what’s the best time for you, you should post at that time often.

If you have read the last article about YouTube, you already know. The same rules apply.

  • When you are in a state of interaction with your followers, it makes them feel valued.
  • For this reason, please respond to their questions and comments as much as you can.
  • No one wants to stay in an environment where they don’t feel valued.

Interaction with other pages

Being in contact with pages that are similar to yours, bigger than you in size and followers.

Never lose contact with them. Follow their Instagram pages, give them comments that catch everyone’s attention, and make yourself seen.

If these comments are really quality, they will bring people to you. If they like your page, this means that you will be gaining organic followers.

Remember that the followers who look at these high-level pages are the ones who have the same interests as you. So these are the types of followers you want.

    • At the same time, contact the administrators of the page.
    • Ask them to suggest you in their stories.
    • You can send them a gift of your product or any gift.
    • You can ask them to tag you in a message with the gift you sent.
  • If they accept, you will see a serious increase in your number of followers.